Executive Elite Recruiting Services

Choosing the Direct Hire model gives companies a larger candidate pool than a classic temp-to-hire option. The Direct Hire options also saves you time and effort with advertising, recruiting, contacting, and qualifying applicants. We offer a world class Direct hire program for those hard to fill positions. We leave no stone unturned in our relentless search to attract and retain the top talent in the local market. The benefits of Direct Hire Staffing:

  • The candidate is employed full-time, saving you the annuity costs of temporary or contract workers.
  • Permanent positions are more attractive to top talent.
  • Direct hire candidates are more committed and loyal.
  • Direct hire staffing saves your business time and resources.
  • Direct hire staffing helps you fill difficult and niche positions.
  • Direct hire opens a different database then you may or may not be getting from your current staffing model.

Hiring a permanent employee means writing a job description, posting the job on a job board, screening resumes (sometimes in the 100’s to find the right one), and interviewing candidates. All while maintaining your job. Or you can ask a specialist such as Executive elite to be your partner for all things direct hire.