Direct hire staffing services are used by employers seeking candidates to fill permanent positions in their company. Direct hire staffing services are also called recruitment agencies, employment agencies, or staffing companies. There are many direct hire employment agencies.
We save you time, money and effort as we focus daily to find the right talent for you. Let us take the wheel and drive the process, we focus on advertising, prescreening of applicants, Initial phone interviews, Checking references and presenting candidates to you.
Going to the Direct Hire option is also a smart decision when there is a tight labor market. Job candidates aren’t quite as plentiful during these times, and a temporary or contract job opportunity is not as attractive to a candidate as a direct hire opportunity. With direct hire positions, employees enjoy benefits as well as job security from day 1.
Not all roles but most we staff for, Plant Managers, Production Supervisors, Cell Techs, Maintenance Managers, QA Manager, QC Supervisor, HR Manager, Purchasing, Planning, EHS Manager, Sales Executive, Customer Service Manager, Engineering, Mechanical and Process and Quality.
While that question varies on the difficulty of the position that needs to be filled, however we will spend our many resources to find you the right candidate in as fast as possible.
The placement fee is usually a percentage of your employee’s starting annual salary or annualized wage. We offer several choices in the pricing based on the level of service you need.
Email or call us, we will start the process as quickly as possible.
Employees placed in a direct hire position have a better sense of stability with the company where they are placed with a stronger commitment for success!